Custom Style

Custom Styling

It is necessary to access any element through the member and apply the style, as in the example below:

/* CalendarCustomStyles.css */
.week-time-header__number {
    color: #205c97
.week-time-view-inside {
  background-color: #f8faff;
import './CalendarCustomStyles.css';
          id: '1',
          startTime: '2023-06-02T01:10:00Z',
          endTime: '2023-06-02T03:10:00Z',
          title: 'Conference',

When writing the rest of the css for your application, make sure that the class names do not match with those of the calendar component. This is unlikely because component class names are very calendar specific.

Above is a basic example where the background of the calendar and day of the week has been changed for just WEEK_TIME view. By the same principle, you can access any element, you need to use inspect and look at the element className of any component, then apply a certain style.